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Libby Bogner is a graphic designer with a passion for social impact in Detroit, MI.

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a design manifesto (ish). 

design is _____

_not a noun, or an action, or a prepositional phrase with a modified verb thrown on the end. Design is a big cluster of visual output and language and process and lateral thinking and recontextualizing. Design is sitting on your living room floor with a friend discussing process over a six pack. It is talk, talk, talk, but it is also work, work, work.

_discourse. The more you talk about it the better you get at talking about it. Find people that get it and create a dialogue, find people that don’t get it and try to explain it.

_making room. Make room to be still. Be moving. Be self disciplined, but not so much so that you never leave your workspace. Allow yourself to be influenced by things other than design. Take breaks to sit in the grass, take breaks to see other art, take breaks to meet people in and out of the scope of your interests. Give yourself room to grow and to play and to eat.

_creative tinkering. Don’t make without thinking, don’t think without making. Design is not a linear process. Take your research, use sticky notes, make word lists, do rapid prototyping, make physical things, go back to word lists, refine, reduce, reuse, give form, drink a beer and so on….

_adaptation. Empathy is key in design solutions. Don’t assign solutions, get to know your audience and their needs. Don’t give them what you think they need. Give them what they ask for. When you’re doing field research don’t put people in a fishbowl. Get out of your car, check your privilege, check  your ego, and ask questions.

_feeling. Create design with meaning, create art with function. Design must carry all the evidence of the research and the process...only then do people look at your work and really feel it.